Colordynamics — Make Your Advertising Remarkable

How can you stand out against a background of an overcrowded advertising & informational space?

How can you make the customer notice your product among similar designs abounding in hundreds and thousands?

For visual information to be attractive and stuck to one's memory, a design advertised must be novel and come as a surprise.

It has been just this novel information media – light informational screens (LIS) illuminated in a dynamical manner – that have made the difference. This new type of light informational screens is based on original techniques called the Tyndal Display technology.

Pictures displayed on the Tyndal Displays – pictograms, letters, symbols or patterns – will become progressively apparent and develop gradually in an orderly sequence as dictated by a preset program. A scenario of illumination to a picture displayed is elaborated with consideration for the elements of the picture that are of prime importance to the advertiser.

Such information media are useful in many applications, from decorating exhibition halls and stands on shop floors for commercial actions to be effectively promoted to making added sign-boards or shop-windows for shops inside and outside a shopping centre. Boundless opportunities are really open to the Tyndal Displays in the show business with its invariable need for rich colours and dynamically changing pictures.