COLOURDYNAMICS Company started in 1989.

The main axes of the Company’s activity are as follows:

1. research & development & design work in the field of illumination engineering, small artistic forms, and advanced advertising technologies;
2. industrial psychology;
3. show business;
4. architecture and design of interiors;
5. based on our own patents, production of innovative products and introduction them in economic operation in the markets of Ukraine, Russia and Europe;
6. marketing research.

Our company has been carrying work under the following two main programs:

Production of novel types of projectors with colourdynamic effects.

Since1992, the colourdynamic projectors have been incorporated into:

1. The centers for psychological rehabilitation and industrial psychology at nine nuclear power plants in Russia and Ukraine;
2. Twenty fire brigades in Russia and Ukraine;
3. One hundred and twenty centers of psychological rehabilitation for employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation.

The operational development of innovative technologies for illuminated visual advertising and interior design. The serial production of light informational screens is being carried out by COLOURDYNAMICS Company in Ukraine and by ABC RECLAMA Company in Russia.

Below are listed our partners under the LIGHT INFORMATIONAL SCREENS Program:

1. The representative offices of tobacco companies - Phillip Morris, British Tobacco, GALLAHER, JT International (in Russia and Ukraine);
2. Mobile operators of Ukraine and Russia;
3. Brewing companies of Ukraine and Russia;
4. Producers of strong and soft drinks.

For the projects and technologies to be developed, our company has established:

1. an R&D laboratory;
2. a design bureau for innovative products with an exhibition hall;