Order. Technical issues

For your order to be most effectively and quickly executed, you are expected to give us the following information:

1. The exact overall dimensions of the product being ordered.

2. A version of design:
• outdoor;
• indoor;

3. A version of mounting:
• overhead;
• desk-top;
• bracket-mounted from above;
• bracket-mounted from below;
• bracket-mounted from a side end;

4. A type of display: one-sided or two-sided.

5. Recommendations on the colour spectrum, the make-and-break speed, the desired sequence of colours, the change of colourdynamic images in time.

6. The availability of the background:
• a transparent sign-board;
• static background;
• a background that is to be colordynamically changing

7. The availability of corporate colors with the exact indication of the color tone and logos containing them.

8. A sketch of the product ordered and of the logo (in the *.cdr, *.ai, *.psd formants) .
• All the colours have to be in the CMYK colour model;
• Fonts used in the illustrations have to be transformed into curves or attached separately;
• CorelDraw files with inserted raster-type pictures would be undesirable;
• Raster-type pictures in CMYK TIFF formats are acceptable;
• Should a complicated picture, which is prepared on the basis of layers and alpha-channels, require some updating, it is necessary to supply a working file in the PSD format;
• The resolution of raster-type pictures should be no less than 250 to 350 ppi;